NEW TREND ‘Travel From Couch’ In Malaysia? ‘沙发旅行’ 救大马旅游业?

‘Stay at home’ is a new norm while tackling the COVID-19 pandemic worldwide. People are instructed to remain at home to execute their daily routine including work and shop at home. This has drastically changed our behavior and attitude towards spending, working, living and even travelling.

Travel From Your Couch 躺着沙发旅行

Tourist attractions such as theme parks, pet zoos and various travel spots worldwide including those in Malaysia are forced to close down temporarily. However, in this new era of technology and innovative, this does not stop us from accessing to these famous  tourist attractions in the comfort of our own home, all thanks to virtual tours! With just a click of a mouse, we can experience different historical museums, world class exhibitions and galleries, famous theme parks and other tourist attractions around the world in the comfort of our own home and never have to leave our couch.

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Google Arts & Culture has teamed up with over 2,500 museums and galleries around  the world to bring them online by offering virtual tours and online exhibitions. These include world renowned British Museum London, National Gallery Of Art Washington and many more.


Closed = Zero Income 凄凉无助

Oh no, it’s worst than zero income as owners/operators may still need to spend huge expenses to maintain and upkeep the facilities in making sure everything work as usual after everything turns back to normal. Any source of income at this challenging period is a bonus for them right now and we are planning to make it big for them!


1. Virtual Tour 网上体验观光地


Virtual tour is a growing trend worldwide except in Malaysia. Shop Hubby and our subsidiary companies including Penang Shop Hubby, Johor Shop Hubby and Food Hubby would like to launch our new digital marketing solution in helping local tourist attractions to go online.


2. Travel To Different Places Every Week在家也能行万里路


People are bored staying at home all week long. If we are able to provide affordable virtual tour tickets for as low as RM5, we can attract people of all ages to enjoy travel experience at home from the couch. Children or even young teenagers can explore different travel experiences in a ‘new normal’ way while curbing with this pandemic.

People can still ‘go to the tourist attractions’ and never have to leave the couch.

3. Sign Up Your Interest 要支持吗?


Be it you are a butterfly farm, bee farm, teddy bear museum or even durian farm operators, get in touch with us! We have special solution for you to gain attraction online and even earn revenue during this pandemic!

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If you are interested on our plan wish to travel from couch soon, we need your support too!

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