MCO 3.0: Retail Business In Malaysia Still Can Survive?马来西亚传统‘本地店’还行吗?

As MCO 1.0, 2.0 and 3.0 were being implemented in Malaysia, only several essential business sectors are allowed to operate during the locked down period. Most of the Malaysia bricks and mortar businesses which rely heavily on retail operation are forced to pull their shutters down.

Salary, Rental, Fix Costs 灯油火蜡 全都需要钱

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As a matter of fact, local shops were left with no other options but to cease their businesses temporarily or even closing down for good. The biggest problem for businesses is not only generating ‘zero revenue’, but also to bear with the huge fixed costs and to serve with the financial obligations in maintaining the businesses. These costs include employee salaries, shop rentals, bank interests and other miscellaneous expenses.


Then How?? 怎么办

1. Go online 上网你以为酱容易?


Best time to invest online. Concentrate on building up an online store for your business or diversify your business through online platform. But how? There are plenty of ways to enable your business to go online including creating social media profile, joining e-commerce platform or developing a web page for your business.

2. New ways to market and sell products 网上营销


Going online is not merely about getting lots of likes and comments, but to observe and engage with new pool of customers effectively. With the aid of technology, business owners can now track different sets of data for analysis and able to convert sales effectively online.

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